Google First Link SEO Myth – Solved

This is a SEO related post for Web and SEO Developers

When you code the HTML of a website, do you care when you use in the menu of the website the anchor keyword “home” pointing to the root of the website ? What about internal linking ?  do you use the right anchor keywords in multiple links pointing to the same page ?

I started a Google SEO Test on 16 March 2010 to find out if Google takes in account the anchor keyword of other than the first link to the same page in a website.

Example: You use in the menu “home” as anchor link to homepage, and down in content you use “laptops” as anchor link to the same homepage.

The SEO Test

SEO First Link website demonstrates that only the first link in content (the order of HTML code) is taken in account by Google.

Check out the website above to read the full test information and results.

Anything you may want to know or add, please leave a comment bellow.

XHTML 1.0 Strict Valid target _blank

I always like to use XHTML 1.0 Strict on my projects (Update: because I had problems in the past with XHTML 1.1) , but a lot of times you want to open the links in new window to keep the visitor continue reading your site/article and the use of target=_blank is necessary.

I use one simple trick with javascript (jQuery):

  1. You can mark all the links you want to open in new window with class=”blank” and then call one javascript line: $(‘.blank’).attr(‘target’,’_blank’);
  2. You may want to open all post links in new window, you put your content in <div class=”post”> and call in javascript: $(‘.post a’).attr(‘target’,’_blank’);

In wordpress is really easy because it has jQuery enabled so you just have to make on js file with following code:

$(‘.post a’).attr(‘target’,’_blank’);

… or if you get conflict with wordpress

var $j = jQuery.noConflict();

$j(‘.post a’).attr(‘target’,’_blank’);

I used both class and .post techniques in EDUKID ( Example: Jucarii Beados )

Google Docs JavaScript Virus


Update: I contacted AVIRA and they said that it is a FALSE alert. Their message:

The file ‘2767081945-EditPageModularized_editor_base_mod.js’ has been determined to be ‘FALSE POSITIVE’. In particular this means that this file is not malicious but a false alarm. Detection is removed from our virus definition file (VDF) with the version:” – avira

I am using Google Docs to keep my sensitive and important information so I can access it from anywhere.

Today my Avira Antivirus informed me that Google Docs Javascript has a virus. I tried to look more into the Javascript but everything is compacted and encoded there so I can’t give you more information for now. I am thinking that more unsecure browsers like Internet Explorer 6 can be vulnerable to this.

If you have more info on this, leave a comment.

[WordPress SEO] Headspace2 nofollow bug fix

This post will be better understood by PHP developers, but helpful for bloggers and SEO developers.

On wordpress websites that I am building, I am using Headspace2 Plugin for SEO. Some of you prefer Allinone SEO Pack, but it lacks some features that I really need.

Adding nofollow on pages/posts.

Adding nofollow on some links that are not important to Google (like About us, Contact, Privacy …)  can transfer more link juice to the other important pages from your website.

You can add nofollow to pages/posts by enabling the Headspace->Page Modules->Page Links module.

When you add new/edit a page, you will see three new fields:

  1. Page Link Text
  2. Page Link Title
  3. Page Link Options

From Page Link Options you can check the nofollow box to add rel=”nofollow” when generating the page list with wp_list_pages() function.

There is one flaw here. You are required to fill in the Page Link Text field, else it won’t show up any text in the link ( <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>[TEXT MISSING]</a>).

To fix this and let wordpress show the default page title text if no text is detected there, you have to:

  1. edit /wp-content/plugins/headspace2/modules/page/page-links.php file on your server
  2. go to line 113 and replace
    $text = $this->meta[$id][‘text’];

    $text = $this->meta[$id][‘text’] ? $this->meta[$id][‘text’] : $text;

That’s it!

Backup photos software

What if you loose all your photos from last couple of years ?

If you still backup your photos on your DVD, there is an more elegant software that automaticaly syncronize your selected folders with an online account, making automatic backup of your photos.

You don’t have to worrie about what you didn’t backyup yet, you just have to copy your new photos on the selected folders (as many as you like) and the backup software will take care to upload the new photos without doing anything.

SugarSync Continue reading Backup photos software

PHP/MySQL – correct use of INSERT query

For all PHP/MySQL developers, there are two ways of using INSERT query:

1. INSERT INTO [table] VALUES (‘value-1′,’value-2’);

2. INSERT INTO [table] (‘column-1′,’column-2’) VALUES (‘value-1′,’value-2’);

Always use INSERT variant 2, because in case you need to add more columns to the database, you won’t need to change the PHP code for the query to work.

The unspecified columns will take default value, defined when appending the new column.

eMAG ProfitShare – Reclama gratis!

Cand au lansat serviciul de affiliate eMAG ProfitShare, am zis sa il incerc. Este un magazin online care l-am folosit destul de des, desi cateodata au mai fost probleme, il recomand.

O mica teapa: Daca un vizitator trimis de pe siteul tau nu cumpara in 30 de zile, nu mai iei comision. Pentru un vizitator nou sa ajunga sa cumpere online, statistic vorbind trebuie sa intre pe acel site de cel putin 7-8 ori pana sa se decida sa cumpere. Cel mai probabil va expira perioada de 30 de zile, eMAG castiga, tu care i-ai trimis vizitatorul NU

In foarte multe sisteme de affilate din afara, durata de contorizare a vizitatorului trimis este de 90 de zile.

Am pus pe cateva siteuri, timp de 30 de zile bannerele eMAG. Dupa 400 000 afisari si 2260 clickuri (0.56 CTR), NICI UN COMISION. Precizez ca bounce-rateul a fost de 50%, iar media de pagini vizualizate de 4 pagini.


Nu e vina eMAG, pur si simplu in Romania inca nu merge, lumea inca nu cumpara online. eMAG se alege cu RECLAMA GRATIS

Am decis sa opresc experimentul si sa scot reclamele eMAG.

Voi ce parere aveti despre eMAG ProfitShare ?

Super fast WordPress 2.7 with Gears

I upgraded to WordPress 2.7 now, and the best things of all is Gears.

After you upgrade (just copy the files over the old ones, making sure you don’t overwrite any modified files, usualy good thing to backup, access /wp-admin/upgrade.php to complete upgrading), on top right corner you will see a link called Gears.

Download and install Gears, than come back to the Gears link on top right and enable. Your blog admin will work super fast.

Attention! Make sure you enable gears just if you are using it on your home computer/laptop (NOT on  PUBLIC COMPUTER).