Tracking user actions from banner marketing campaigns

Advance PHP knowledge is needed to understand this technique

When advertising on a site, you want to know how the user actions from that site (if it converted or not: signed up or buy).

One solution is to add a domain.tld/?refer=somecode but that looks ugly for the ones who visit. 

For fav20 I see if user registered by using the following code:

if(stristr($_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’],’domain.tld’)) {
       $referer = ‘domain.tld’;
       setcookie(“referer”, $referer, time() + 3600 * 24 * 30,”/”);

And then I use the $referer variable to add it to a hidden field in the sign-up form and insert it in the database. User will be tracked for 30 days on my example.

Unsubscribe from blogs with partial RSS feed

When you read a blog, you read it for it’s content and not it’s design. I decided to unsubscribe from partial RSS feeds, because I loose too much time visiting their blogs just to check out the article.

If the article is good and I am interested in commenting, after I fully read it in the RSS Reader, I will visit the article and comment.

I sometimes use my HTC Diamond to read blogs via RSS Reader, and I really hate it that I have to go visit their blogs to read the article.

Follow my full articles via reader.

Browser: How to change homepage

If you want to change your browser, it usualy depends if you are using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera or other, but usualy it can be found on: Tools -> Options (Internet options) -> Main (General Tab).

You can set there any homepage you like. New browsers (FF2,3 + IE7) support more than one homepage (that will open in new tabs).

A hint is for you to try as your homepage.

WordPress header exploit hidden div viagra links

I had a blog that it dropped down in Google and didn’t know why. I checked the source and I saw a div or another tag with display:none and containing tens of spamming links to viagra sites or other stuff like this.

This solution is for those who have in the template folderheader.php this infected tag. Even if you delete it, it will be back in a few (1-2 days max).

Solution: replace include header.php (or get_header(); ) in index.php with the content of header.php (except the infected tag with links).

Even if the header.php will still be infected, it will not be used. Did it worked ? (I explained in a hurry, I can give more details if you comment here).