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What if you loose all your photos from last couple of years ?

If you still backup your photos on your DVD, there is an more elegant software that automaticaly syncronize your selected folders with an online account, making automatic backup of your photos.

You don’t have to worrie about what you didn’t backyup yet, you just have to copy your new photos on the selected folders (as many as you like) and the backup software will take care to upload the new photos without doing anything.


SugarSync – automatic backup photos

I started using SugarSync couple of days ago and it is a very easy to your backup software for files and photos.

You get free 2Gb of space for backing up the photos and if you register with my referral link ( ) we both get 500 Mb free.

I got suggestions for other backup software’s, so feel free to search for others. This  one lets you and your refered friend get 500 Mb bonus each, and if you want more space you have paying plans starting  5$/month for 30 Gb.

5 thoughts on “Backup photos software”

  1. Wow why I didn’t know that one year before? I am used to lost my photos on my computer, I was saved them on my C and when my hard disk suddenly broke I lost all my life(all my photos):(

  2. I am not sure I am convinced about Sugar Sync. I am a pro member at flickr for last 4 years (yup, before they got acquired by Yahoo) and they charge less than $2 per month. I use iPhoto Flickr exporter to backup all my photos.. Flickr not only acts as a backup, it’s the perfect way to share photos with friends.. and icing on the cake, 2 photo printing sites that I use, support flickr and can get full size images because I have a pro account.

  3. @Sachin Gupta: wonderful suggestion. I will try it, but I don’t think it will synchronize the folders.

  4. I backup my photos to Amazon S3 using S3 Backup, a 3rd party developed software. I have already uploaded 55 GBs worth of data (~10$ / month for storage only). I use Flickr just to show up my greatest shots and Picasa only for selected pictures in a set to show to my friends.

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