Google First Link SEO Myth – Solved

This is a SEO related post for Web and SEO Developers

When you code the HTML of a website, do you care when you use in the menu of the website the anchor keyword “home” pointing to the root of the website ? What about internal linking ?  do you use the right anchor keywords in multiple links pointing to the same page ?

I started a Google SEO Test on 16 March 2010 to find out if Google takes in account the anchor keyword of other than the first link to the same page in a website.

Example: You use in the menu “home” as anchor link to homepage, and down in content you use “laptops” as anchor link to the same homepage.

The SEO Test

SEO First Link website demonstrates that only the first link in content (the order of HTML code) is taken in account by Google.

Check out the website above to read the full test information and results.

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  1. Foarte bun testul 🙂
    As zice totusi ca testul asta poate fi reprodus 100% numai in cazul unui site (sau pagini din site) aproximativ nou(/noua).

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