Romania Design Awards: Ronewmedia 4.0

In October 2009, rowebdesign-mediaRomanian design web projects are checked and awarded at the ronewmedia 4.0 conference.

There are foreign speakers invited (even from Google) that will talk about Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Affiliate Marketing.

I added my Usemyfav project to the list. You can view it, comment here or go vote it! (first one in the list).

Use a f*cking bookmark service

usemyfav-comming-soonI will launch soon a bookmark review site usemyfav. The slogan is “Use a f*cking bookmark service” because I saw a lot of people (I think more then 50%) are still using Google to find a site that he already has been there.

Until then you can visit the site to get some wonderful backgrounds for your desktop or iPhone and subscribe so I can let you know when the site is launched.

Google Chrome vs Fav20

Dragos Stanca askedWhat is the diffrence between fav20 and chrome?


  • only shows most visited websites on the start page.


  • sites are accesible in any browser;
  • lets you choose what sites to add in your start page;
  • lets you sort the websites as you like (drag&drop);

Fav20 users advantages vs Chrome:

  • access your saved websites from any computer
  • arranged them in categories, keep only your most important in your homepage
  • open multiple selected websites in one click (useful in the morning)
  • you don’t loose your favorite websites when you reinstall the computer or browser

Raluca Georgescu found fav20 interesting so far.

Few can understand the usefulness of fav20 unless they try it. Thanks Raluca for trying it, waiting for your feedback after few days of using it.

Fav 2.0 currently has about 250 happy active users that they use it as their browser homepage.

DoFollow Update!

I have reviewed all blog add requests to DoFollow Blogs . From about 30 requests, only 10 were nofollow free. If I missed some, please resubmit.

Important before submiting a blog! Verify that your blog comments don’t have rel=”nofollow” in the comment link. You can do it fast with FireFox NoDoFollow.

I’ve also updated the PageRank of the bogs according to the Google 1st April 2009 PageRank update.

Easier to make your profile public

On fav20, I have added a new feature that lets you set public or private the newly added websites (this feature is available only for logged in users).

Public/Private profile

This won’t change privacy of current saved websites. To share the already saved websites you have to click on public

Hint! To share your public profile you can use the link[your-username] (Ex: )

Noindex the Tags page can increase traffic up by 300%

At the beginning of February I added meta noindex to the tags pages (keyword pages won’t be indexed in Google) to seo bugz.

After Google removed the tags pages from his index (, traffic from Google jumped by 300%.


Maybe because the inside PageRank doesn’t split to so many pages and other sites rank better.

Another method to make your tags/search pages not appear in Google is to use robots.txt:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /tag

More about robots.txt and tag indexing read on (in romanian).