Noindex the Tags page can increase traffic up by 300%

At the beginning of February I added meta noindex to the tags pages (keyword pages won’t be indexed in Google) to seo bugz.

After Google removed the tags pages from his index (, traffic from Google jumped by 300%.


Maybe because the inside PageRank doesn’t split to so many pages and other sites rank better.

Another method to make your tags/search pages not appear in Google is to use robots.txt:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /tag

More about robots.txt and tag indexing read on (in romanian).

22 thoughts on “Noindex the Tags page can increase traffic up by 300%”

  1. Well for me it boosted my ranking, like @Torrent said, it can remove duplicate content pages so you don’t get penalyzed by Google.

  2. I’m not so sure, that was the cause. I think that indexed tag pages, help you get more traffic from less disputed niches. Maybe it helped, but it must have been someting else there.

  3. i never heard this one. but since is so hard to be in the first seach results, it might work for duplicate ones …

  4. Wasn’t there any other action in sync with the one you mentioned that could have boosted your traffic like this? And what does it mean in absolute figures 300%, from 2 to 6 or from 2000 to 6000?

  5. Changes I have made were done step by step, with 2 weeks interval. So probably the main cause was not indexing the tags pages. The traffic is high (not 2-6).

  6. I have made this kind of optimization one year ago for many sites but none of them got 300% increase. I am absolutely sure tha your trafic increased for other reasons.

  7. im afraid to use robot.txt bec google might stop crawling my site and might stop me from getting high pagerank. thanks for the info

  8. Can you take a look at traffic sources ?Are you sure the traffic is from google and not from some sites that linked to your site ?

  9. Eu sunt curios care sutn cifrele abosulte de before and after. Pentru ca daca e vorab de cifra mici, atunci e credibil rezultatul. Daca e vorba de cifre mari atunci mi se pare… ciudat 🙂

  10. This is interesting. I knew the tags indexed can get you more traffic, not the other way arround.

  11. i wont buy that! And I’ll te you why: because the noindex tag is just for telling the crawler NOT to INDEX a page. While a page has the noindex tag it will be out of index, but still passing juice and PR to other pages. I think you better try this one: nofollow. Nofollow helps by not letting juice to pass to tag pages. Noindex has nothing to do with that.

  12. Your theory might is right @toto, there might be many variables there, but that is what I changed and that was the result.
    My theory is that if you have for example 2 tags on same report: tag1 and tag2, and there aren’t any other reports with that tags, you will result in having 2 pages with identical content with just keyword changed and can get you penalized (auto generated pages targeting diffrent keywords(tags) with no diffrence in content).

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