Easier to make your profile public

On fav20, I have added a new feature that lets you set public or private the newly added websites (this feature is available only for logged in users).

Public/Private profile

This won’t change privacy of current saved websites. To share the already saved websites you have to click on public

Hint! To share your public profile you can use the link http://www.fav20.com/user/[your-username] (Ex: http://www.fav20.com/user/demo )

7 thoughts on “Easier to make your profile public”

  1. Hi
    good idea,

    you should put back ground theme s to the site, like twitter o something like that

  2. Hey now that’s a nice feature Razvan!
    You could edit that demo account , because now everyone can enter it and add/remove favourite sites .. or make another account for public demo of profiles.

  3. Privacy is good, not many people likes to have their favourite websites to be viewed by anyone.

  4. I see from your previous posts that this is your most active projects. Good luck with it.

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