Google Chrome vs Fav20

Dragos Stanca askedWhat is the diffrence between fav20 and chrome?


  • only shows most visited websites on the start page.


  • sites are accesible in any browser;
  • lets you choose what sites to add in your start page;
  • lets you sort the websites as you like (drag&drop);

Fav20 users advantages vs Chrome:

  • access your saved websites from any computer
  • arranged them in categories, keep only your most important in your homepage
  • open multiple selected websites in one click (useful in the morning)
  • you don’t loose your favorite websites when you reinstall the computer or browser

Raluca Georgescu found fav20 interesting so far.

Few can understand the usefulness of fav20 unless they try it. Thanks Raluca for trying it, waiting for your feedback after few days of using it.

Fav 2.0 currently has about 250 happy active users that they use it as their browser homepage.

Easier to make your profile public

On fav20, I have added a new feature that lets you set public or private the newly added websites (this feature is available only for logged in users).

Public/Private profile

This won’t change privacy of current saved websites. To share the already saved websites you have to click on public

Hint! To share your public profile you can use the link[your-username] (Ex: )

Share your favorite websites with friends

public-visibleYou are now able to set websites visible to your public profile (example of demo user) and share it with your friends. Maybe they find something interesting you like and they can save it to their account too.

I plan to extend this to add profiles to friends and browse them so maybe you can find interesting websites from your network.

How useful do you find his feature and what else do you think it is needed ?

P.S. Don’t forget to share your profile with your friends.

Browsers accesskey shortcuts

The HTML attribute accesskey of the a tag allows you to access with your keywords various links on the website.

The problem is that each browser has it’s own version of using the accesskey:

  • Opera (on windows and mac) – SHIFT + ESC + accesskey
  • Other Mac browsers – CTRL + accesskey
  • FireFox 2.x and 3.x – ALT + SHIFT + accesskey
  • Internet Explorer (5.x,6.x,7.x) – ALT + accesskey then ENTER

Browsers accesskey shortcuts

For fav 2.0 I added for the first 9 sites accesskey from 1 – 9. You can sort the sites as you wish to drag & drop the first 9.