Fav20 perfect homepage for IE users

It has proven that visual bookmarking and startup homepage can be really useful and save you a lot of time.

Firefox has FastDial, Opera has Speed Dial, but Internet Explorer doesn’t have any plugin for visual bookmarking. The biggest advantages fav20 has to this plugins are:

  • no installation required (not even user registration)
  • can access your favorites anywhere you go (just add sites to your account)

I recommend trying fav20 as your homepage and see if you get used to it.

To set your HomePage in Internet Explorer: TOOLS->INTERNET OPTIONS-> http://www.fav20.com on the homepage field. (you may need to press ALT in IE7 to show up the TOOLS menu).

Site-ul saptamanii in Romania Libera

Romania Libera face un review pentru fav20 si il catalogheaza ca site-ul saptamanii.

Site-ul www.fav20.com vrea sa ii ajute pe acestia si ofera un sistem de catalogare a site-urilor favorite – sau care merita sa fie revizitate – bazate pe “thumnails”. 

Este a doua aparitie in Romania Libera, prima fiind precizata intr-un review de la webstock cu titlul Memo-uri electronice.

Memo-uri electronice – aparitie in Romania Libera

Romania Libera a facut un review la ce s-a intamplat la Webstock, scriind si despre fav20.

Memo-uri electronice
Pe langa adresele de web vizitate zilnic exista in lumea online milioane de alte site-uri pe care le accesam intamplator, ne plac, ne inspira, insa uitam cum sa ajungem inapoi la ele. www.fav20.ro este un instrument care permite utilizatorului sa isi faca o baza cu site-urile vizitate pentru a le putea accesa usor si a le avea oriunde, folosind site-ul ca homepage al browserului. Avantajul principal al utilizarii acestui instrument este faptul ca nu mai trebuie sa memoram site-urile cu care lucram. 
Adresele dorite vor fi regasite pe orice calculator, indiferent de browser-ul folosit. Astfel, chiar daca Fav 2.0 nu necesita un cont pentru a-si face treaba (utilizatorului fiindu-i permis sa il testeze mai mult timp fara a-si crea un cont), pentru siguranta si pentru a avea site-urile preferate pe orice calculator, isi poate face unul si sa transfere adresele salvate deja in cont.

Articolul complet: Aplicatii online romanesti colectia de toamna

Social bookmark widget ?

Promoting through social bookmarking sites is FREE (of money) but can take up some time. I have used some social bookmark widget before on fav20, people voted, I got to 52 saves on del.icio.us, and some talk on stumble, but not too many visitors from those sites.

I added today addtoany widget on the footer so you can easily save and share fav20. Happy saving.


Why use fav20 as a homepage ?

Here is a short list of features and advantages that will make you wanna use fav20.com as your browser homepage.

  • no registration – you have all features from the first time you visit;
  • easy to find – because all websites have images, you can easily see the site you want to visit;
  • easy to add – just write the url in the top box and submit. The site will be saved and ready to use;

Webstock 2008 review

After 2 nights on the train, I finaly have some energy to write something about this year web 2.0 event: webstock 2008.

First of all some pictures from marius tudor,  zoso, adrianzanfir, inconstantin ; we all love pictures 🙂

Here is my see my fav20 t-shirt thanks to inconstantin:

Webstock was an interesting FREE event, organized by Evensys ( Manafu ) with the help of the sponsors Vodafone, Adobe and LG. I met with de ce blog, alexbrie, marius tudor, inconstantinalex circei, necenzurat, Andrei Marin si  Cristina Marin de la cuponix, lista.lu team,  visurat, and I got a chance to talk to Bobby Voicu, Claudiu Gamulescu, MB Dragan, Vlad Stan cu Seed Money, Len,  Maxim Schram from redesignme.com.

On Webstock Awards, on UTILITY section,tastekid won 3rd place, my fav20 won 2nd and 1st place went to lista.lu.

The experience was great and I invite everybody who attended Webstock to test my project: fav20

PageRank Update 27 September 2008

I invite you to check your website PageRank because today, 27 september 2008, I see that Google has updated the Pagerank. If you did a good job bringing good quality backlinks to your website, you got a good PageRank.

Fav20 got PageRank 5, it is nice but for me it doesn’t help because I do not use SEO to drive visitors to my site. 

You can check your PageRank pretty fast with ipagerank.org . If any of you is really happy and needs to share what PageRank you got, please leave a comment.