Tweaks on Fav20

I just added some small tweaks to fav20 that will make user experience better.

  • Google search box – to fast search on Google, because some people prefer to use Google as homepage. It is time to have Google and all your other favorite websites on one homepage: fav20
  • Add another website – will give a better understanding to user that he can add other websites

WordPress header exploit hidden div viagra links

I had a blog that it dropped down in Google and didn’t know why. I checked the source and I saw a div or another tag with display:none and containing tens of spamming links to viagra sites or other stuff like this.

This solution is for those who have in the template folderheader.php this infected tag. Even if you delete it, it will be back in a few (1-2 days max).

Solution: replace include header.php (or get_header(); ) in index.php with the content of header.php (except the infected tag with links).

Even if the header.php will still be infected, it will not be used. Did it worked ? (I explained in a hurry, I can give more details if you comment here).

Cel mai misto tip din Romania

Cine ajunge primul in Google pana pe data de 15 iulie 2008 pe cautarea “cel mai misto tip din romania”, castiga de la Cabral echipament RBK.

Cel mai misto tip din romania este site facut pentru acest concurs. O sa vedem daca un domeniu nou-nout poate detrona bloguri cu PR. Eu zic ca da. Daca vreti sa sustineti “cauza”, scrieti pe blogurile voastre pana pe 15 iulie despre

Cel mai misto tip din Romania este un cuvant cheie cu putine cautari pana in momentul concursului, doar Bobby Voicu era pe primul loc in Google un un post asemanator. Haideti sa il detronam, pentru ca nu e el cel mai misto tip din Romania :).

Hai Romania!, hai cel mai misto tip din Romania!

Precizez ca nu incerc cu acest post sa ajung cel mai misto tip din Romania, ci cu siteul precizat mai sus care e facut special sa ajunga cel mai misto din Romania.

Fav 2.0 worldwide

Fav 2.0 has been visited by people worldwide. Considering that promoting has been done almost only viral, webmaster that saw the application started writing about it on blogs or sites, here are some statistics.

  • 40% Romania
  • 15% Italy
  • 14% Spain
  • 4-7% United States, China, Canada, Germany, Argentina, United Kindgdom and Mexico

Fav20 has only 1 page and SEO was pretty useless, but still about 20-30 people / day are searching for fav20 on search engines.

Here is where people wrote about





I invite anybody who uses and likes fav20, to spread the word.

Keep only interested visitors

I am looking at Google Anaylitics every day ( I’m obsesed 🙂 ), trying to figure what should I do next to make the website more appealing and keep more visitors on site.

On I have about 60 new vistors every day, but still constant of 200 visitors. So I tried to make a better user experience on the site, trying to keep as many as possible from those new visitors.

After talking to Alex Negru, he had a very good point: Keep only the visitors interested in your service, make their experience better. 

I started already getting good feedback from current users of fav20 and wroted Future features of fav20, so I hope I am on the right track.