Keep only interested visitors

I am looking at Google Anaylitics every day ( I’m obsesed ๐Ÿ™‚ ), trying to figure what should I do next to make the website more appealing and keep more visitors on site.

On I have about 60 new vistors every day, but still constant of 200 visitors. So I tried to make a better user experienceย on the site, trying to keep as many as possible from those new visitors.

After talking to Alex Negru, he had a very good point: Keep only the visitors interested in your service, make their experience better.ย 

I started already getting good feedback from current users of fav20 and wroted Future features of fav20, so I hope I am on the right track.

2 thoughts on “Keep only interested visitors”

  1. The track is well chosen now, and I believe that the results tend to show up already.

    It’s really nice to see developers that are so user-oriented. It’s quite pleasing to find some new/improved functionality every time I visit


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