Fav 2.0 worldwide

Fav 2.0 has been visited by people worldwide. Considering that promoting has been done almost only viral, webmaster that saw the application started writing about it on blogs or sites, here are some statistics.

  • 40% Romania
  • 15% Italy
  • 14% Spain
  • 4-7% United States, China, Canada, Germany, Argentina, United Kindgdom and Mexico

Fav20 has only 1 page and SEO was pretty useless, but still about 20-30 people / day are searching for fav20 on search engines.

Here is where people wrote about www.fav20.com:

International: killerstartups.com feedmyapp.com web2null.de momb.socio-kybernetics.net simplespark.com

Romania: ataraxisld.com zilei.ro cirip.ro adrianzanfir.com mariussescu.com blog.funblogs.org revistabumbac.blogspot.com in-beta.blogspot.com dinfotoliu.ro

Italy: maestroalberto.it pucciom.wordpress.com brainessence.it adictosweb.blogspot.com
djeork.wordpress.com adictosweb.blogspot.com warexparty.wordpress.com

Spain: puntogeek.com bloginformatico.com juliusdesign.net ordenadores.com tecnoartes.net

I invite anybody who uses and likes fav20, to spread the word.

One thought on “Fav 2.0 worldwide”

  1. Buna,

    Vad ca proiectul s-a dezvoltat, felicitari.

    Nu se poate crea inca un bookmarklet, asa cum sugerasem si care optiune as vedea-o utila.

    Pentru sistemele de microblogging si nu numai as vedea interesanta posibilitatea crearii unui set de linkuri, la o adresa unica si generata automat, cu autentificare sau nu. Ceva similar http://linkbun.ch, dar in maniera specifica fav2.0.

    Aceste colectii sa poata fi regasite prin adresa specifica. Create din cont, un user ar avea acces la colectiile generate.

    Mergand mai departe, colectii ar putea fi descrise prin taguri de catre useri.

    Ar fi posibil ca o colectie sa o expandam intr-un mesaj la cirip.ro.


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