Fav 2.0 worldwide

Fav 2.0 has been visited by people worldwide. Considering that promoting has been done almost only viral, webmaster that saw the application started writing about it on blogs or sites, here are some statistics.

  • 40% Romania
  • 15% Italy
  • 14% Spain
  • 4-7% United States, China, Canada, Germany, Argentina, United Kindgdom and Mexico

Fav20 has only 1 page and SEO was pretty useless, but still about 20-30 people / day are searching for fav20 on search engines.

Here is where people wrote about www.fav20.com:

International: killerstartups.com feedmyapp.com web2null.de momb.socio-kybernetics.net simplespark.com

Romania: ataraxisld.com zilei.ro cirip.ro adrianzanfir.com mariussescu.com blog.funblogs.org revistabumbac.blogspot.com in-beta.blogspot.com dinfotoliu.ro

Italy: maestroalberto.it pucciom.wordpress.com brainessence.it adictosweb.blogspot.com
djeork.wordpress.com adictosweb.blogspot.com warexparty.wordpress.com

Spain: puntogeek.com bloginformatico.com juliusdesign.net ordenadores.com tecnoartes.net

I invite anybody who uses and likes fav20, to spread the word.

Keep only interested visitors

I am looking at Google Anaylitics every day ( I’m obsesed 🙂 ), trying to figure what should I do next to make the website more appealing and keep more visitors on site.

On fav20.com I have about 60 new vistors every day, but still constant of 200 visitors. So I tried to make a better user experience on the site, trying to keep as many as possible from those new visitors.

After talking to Alex Negru, he had a very good point: Keep only the visitors interested in your service, make their experience better. 

I started already getting good feedback from current users of fav20 and wroted Future features of fav20, so I hope I am on the right track.

Future features for Fav20

After a great feedback on fav20 from wizard.ro I thought I will write down his suggestions and some of mine:

  • open all marked – user can mark saved websites in fav20 and will have a button to open all marked items;
  • shortcut keys – access first 10 sites using shortcut keys like CLTR+1,CTRL+2;
  • sorting – see sorting websites with fav20;
  • user accounts – user will be able to register and save all his sites on our site, accounts will be made private to keep privacy of user;
  • unlimited websites – currently cookies support about 40 websites, registering you will be able to add unlimited websites;
  • tabs – move stored websites to diffrent tabs;
  • social sharingI am still thinking about it …

To keep the interface simple for the visitors that just want to use it fast, no registration, most of this features will be available after user registers.

If you have any other suggestion I will consider them, thanks.

Sorting websites with Fav20

I tried to add many times the Sorting of site feature on fav20, but because it is built on MooTools javascript framework, version 1.1, I couln’t do the sorting. I tried with v1.2b, sorting worked, but messed up the other code (even with compatible mode).

When mootools v1.2 will be final, I can rewrite the code to implement the sorting.

If you have any other suggestions feel free.

Fav 2.0

fav20.com is a bookmark 2.0 web site I developed to make it easier to access your every day web sites.

Fav 2.0 is a modern way to use your most visited websites. Set it as homepage and add your most visited sites. It uses cookies to store your sites and settings.

Before you comment please check out the site first. Waiting for your suggestions.