Dofollow recommended by Radio Guerrilla

Today, 18 march 2010, I was live on Radio Guerrilla: Logout to discuss about Dofollow Blogs.

I spoke to Bogdan Serban about the submition process of and how it can help the bloggers and the site owners. There are Pros and Cons having a nofollow free blog, each blogger is free to decide what he wants for his blog.

Pros: Getting new readers/comments
Cons: Spending more time moderating irrelevant comments, danger of linking to banned websites that can get you penalized in Google.

Listen to the interview about

Oana, from Radio Guerrilla, to whom I spoke before and after the interview, told me she has started a blog too: Tablourile Bunicii, though she is on and can’t remove nofollow attribute, you can check what she has to say.

DoFollow Update!

I have reviewed all blog add requests to DoFollow Blogs . From about 30 requests, only 10 were nofollow free. If I missed some, please resubmit.

Important before submiting a blog! Verify that your blog comments don’t have rel=”nofollow” in the comment link. You can do it fast with FireFox NoDoFollow.

I’ve also updated the PageRank of the bogs according to the Google 1st April 2009 PageRank update.

Remove nofollow on blogspot blogs

A lot of blogs on blogstop have nofollow attribute and I reject them when they subscribed to, but it’s time consuming to verify each blog for the nofollow free comments. 

Luckly, Marius Butuc edited his blogspot template and removed his nofollow attribute.

a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'
a expr:href='data:backlink.url' rel='nofollow'

Please check your blog for nofollow attribute before submitting to