Dofollow recommended by Radio Guerrilla

Today, 18 march 2010, I was live on Radio Guerrilla: Logout to discuss about Dofollow Blogs.

I spoke to Bogdan Serban about the submition process of and how it can help the bloggers and the site owners. There are Pros and Cons having a nofollow free blog, each blogger is free to decide what he wants for his blog.

Pros: Getting new readers/comments
Cons: Spending more time moderating irrelevant comments, danger of linking to banned websites that can get you penalized in Google.

Listen to the interview about

Oana, from Radio Guerrilla, to whom I spoke before and after the interview, told me she has started a blog too: Tablourile Bunicii, though she is on and can’t remove nofollow attribute, you can check what she has to say.

2 thoughts on “Dofollow recommended by Radio Guerrilla”

  1. 1. Atunci cand dai click pe label-ul blog-ului afisat (ex. “velorutia”) si nu pe snapshot, se deschide atat in parent page cand si in pagina noua – ceea ce pe mine ma cam enerveaza.

    2. Exact blog-ul tau sa aiba “nofollow” la comentarii. ntz 🙂

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