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Anunt lansarea proiectului Astept pareri si sugestii.

Blogurile dofollow sunt o metoda buna de a aduce linkuri siteului tau. De asemenea sunt o metoda buna de a-ti creste numarul de cititori activi. este o colectie de bloguri romanesti care nu au atributul “nofollow” la linkurile din comentarii. Siteul nu incurajeaza SEO spam-ul, ci indeamna cititorul care are nevoie de link-uri sa citeasca blogurile si sa comenteze la subiect acel blog.

Personalized thirts with your favorite websites

Simona Tshirt preview

If you want your favorite websites on your tshirt like my tshirt, just leave your comment with 5 favorite websites and I will send you the high resolution image with your websites for the tshirt. You then go to a tshirt printing service near you and there you have it. 

You can have your websites printed either on front or back, and you can still have your own message on the other side.

Other member tshirts: 


Sorting links problem in mootools 1.2

After a month of research, asking and trying to get help to solve the sorting links on fav20 , using Sortables, without them opening on release, after constant presure from users feedback about the sorting problem, I managed to find a solution on my own. 

Here is the solution

var stopsort = function(e){ e.stop(); }
var startsort = function(){ this.removeEvent(‘click’,stopsort); }



Google Chrome or Fav 2.0 ?

Google launched a new web browser: Chrome. When I tested it, I got scared because of the good new tab feature with most visited webpages easily accesible. I thought I was doomed with my fav20 project. But lets see what diffrences make fav20 still better then chrome:

Fav20 …

  1. isn’t browser depandable – can run on any browser, even on mobile
  2. doesn’t require instalation (plugin or program/new browser)
  3. You can have your favorite websites anywhere using the account, even tho you don’t need a fav20 account to use fav20.
  4. You can add/manage your most visited websites as you please, sort them, color them.
  5. You can launch most visited websites with one click !
I recommend Chrome as a web browser, but fav20 is still a lot better as a homepage.