Fav20 perfect homepage for IE users

It has proven that visual bookmarking and startup homepage can be really useful and save you a lot of time.

Firefox has FastDial, Opera has Speed Dial, but Internet Explorer doesn’t have any plugin for visual bookmarking. The biggest advantages fav20 has to this plugins are:

  • no installation required (not even user registration)
  • can access your favorites anywhere you go (just add sites to your account)

I recommend trying fav20 as your homepage and see if you get used to it.

To set your HomePage in Internet Explorer: TOOLS->INTERNET OPTIONS-> http://www.fav20.com on the homepage field. (you may need to press ALT in IE7 to show up the TOOLS menu).

Why use fav20 as a homepage ?

Here is a short list of features and advantages that will make you wanna use fav20.com as your browser homepage.

  • no registration – you have all features from the first time you visit;
  • easy to find – because all websites have images, you can easily see the site you want to visit;
  • easy to add – just write the url in the top box and submit. The site will be saved and ready to use;

Browser: How to change homepage

If you want to change your browser, it usualy depends if you are using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera or other, but usualy it can be found on: Tools -> Options (Internet options) -> Main (General Tab).

You can set there any homepage you like. New browsers (FF2,3 + IE7) support more than one homepage (that will open in new tabs).

A hint is for you to try http://www.fav20.com as your homepage.