Google Chrome or Fav 2.0 ?

Google launched a new web browser: Chrome. When I tested it, I got scared because of the good new tab feature with most visited webpages easily accesible. I thought I was doomed with my fav20 project. But lets see what diffrences make fav20 still better then chrome:

Fav20 …

  1. isn’t browser depandable – can run on any browser, even on mobile
  2. doesn’t require instalation (plugin or program/new browser)
  3. You can have your favorite websites anywhere using the account, even tho you don’t need a fav20 account to use fav20.
  4. You can add/manage your most visited websites as you please, sort them, color them.
  5. You can launch most visited websites with one click !
I recommend Chrome as a web browser, but fav20 is still a lot better as a homepage.