6:00 am in Sofia, Bulgaria

Thanks to Founders.ro I won a VIP ticket to #webit in Sofia, Bulgaria.

After driving to Bucharest from Iasi, I made it just in time to take an old russian wagon+train to Sofia. 10 hours in the train and no sleep at all, I arrived at 6:00 am … now what?

Sofia Bulgaria

Old looking train station, full of iron ornaments. Some taxi drivers wants to be my friend to drive me to where I want, no thanks.

The exchange rate in the train station was 1.8 lev / 1 euro, in the city 1.95 lev / 1 euro. I took the money out from my credit card.

I had to go to NDK for the conference, but it was starting only at 8:00. I bought a 5 lev map of Sofia, looked for 2 minutes and then started walking. Too bad all the street signs were in cyrillic, but path was quite easy.

At 6:00 am everything was closed. I walked for about 1 hour untill I got there, roads beeing under construction.

I saw Bruce Willis being Sobieski in a votka ad, some night clubs (closed at 6:00) and a lot of people walking their dogs near the national park. A woman was shouting “Zorro! zorro!” and a small harry dog came out of the bushes 🙂

At 7:00 am I went to a bar to grab a hot chocolate, 5 minutes later over 10 cops went in, pull three tables and sit to drink coffee … nice team building in the morning.

8:00 am, #webit gates opened and I registered as VIP visitor. Dragging a heavy bag, a backpack and not wearing a suite, webit staff kept stopping me to enter the VIP areas. After showing the VIP badge to a lot of the staff members, they stopped “harrasing” me.