Made-up marketing is the new Growth Hacking

What do you think about consultants that write courses or posts or promote themselves by saying they will increase your conversion/traffic/…. by 68% or 248% or …? ( If I will get exactly another number can I call you a liar? You didn’t even ask me about the current state of my business.)

Why not just say: “It happened ONCE, to a specific client, that went from 100 clients to 168 or 248. I can try to understand your business and grow your business too, as much as I can.”

“Made-up marketing”/”Lying marketing” is the new “Growth hacking”.

Today from Facebook (Pages) on an abandoned page:

Notification: “You had 30 new visualizations”.I go check out: “1 new visualization”.

Happened multiple times.

Facebook finds reasons to remind you and maybe you start promoting your page.

It works. Spam and other mass tactics work too (if they get 0.1-1% results is fine), but that’s not a reason to do it.