Webstock 2008 review

After 2 nights on the train, I finaly have some energy to write something about this year web 2.0 event: webstock 2008.

First of all some pictures from marius tudor,  zoso, adrianzanfir, inconstantin ; we all love pictures 🙂

Here is my see my fav20 t-shirt thanks to inconstantin:

Webstock was an interesting FREE event, organized by Evensys ( Manafu ) with the help of the sponsors Vodafone, Adobe and LG. I met with de ce blog, alexbrie, marius tudor, inconstantinalex circei, necenzurat, Andrei Marin si  Cristina Marin de la cuponix, lista.lu team,  visurat, and I got a chance to talk to Bobby Voicu, Claudiu Gamulescu, MB Dragan, Vlad Stan cu Seed Money, Len,  Maxim Schram from redesignme.com.

On Webstock Awards, on UTILITY section,tastekid won 3rd place, my fav20 won 2nd and 1st place went to lista.lu.

The experience was great and I invite everybody who attended Webstock to test my project: fav20

Review bookmark services

I asked a lot of people what bookmark services are they using. Most of them are:

All of them have pluses and minuses.

FireFox SpeedDial Plugin
highly customizable, -browser dependable, -requires instalation

limited(9 sites), -browser dependable, -requires instalation


no install and no registration required

Everybody can use any of the bookmark services above, most tech people will use FireFox plugin, but avarage user can find fav20 very simple to use and may love it, specialy now that he can move all his local saved pages to his account to access from any computer.

What bookmark service do you use and why ?