[job] Remote Senior PHP Developer on Yii 2 Framework

*** This job is for joining Monitor Backlinks team ***

Isn’t it annoying always to start a new project and not spend enough time to make it close to perfect? to make it a quality project that you can be proud?

You will be responsible for implementing new features on Monitor Backlinks (https://monitorbacklinks.com). That’s it, no other project, and this for the next few years.

We are not looking for someone great, but for someone Awesome!

General requirements:

– Knowledge at least 1-2 PHP frameworks. We work with Yii2 framework;
– Expert MySQL knowledge. Not just to select data, but to know the difference between heavy and good SQL queries;
– Must be an fluent in OO PHP5;
– Javascript, JQuery, AJAX as a bonus;
– Linux/Unix basic to run command,
– GitHub or other SVN;
– Experience working with 3rd-party web services APIs;

We are looking who is not afraid of and even more loves:

– Learning! The lack of new & efficient technologies makes you bored;
– Unified code styling (PSR2) for all team;
– Security. You feel mad when find out XSS or SQL injection possibility in code;
– Fast & efficient code and Optimizations. But you already had experience that “Premature optimization is the root of all evil”)
– Vagrant/Virtualbox as personal server;
– Complete PHPdoc for every class, method and property;
– Functional and Unit tests;
– Code autocompletion for everything in your favorite IDE;
– Code refactoring;
– Pull requests and Code reviews before moving code to production;
– Composer;
– Methods no longer than 40 lines;
– PHP 5.4 – 5.5 features. You know about Late static bindings, traits, understand what is Yield and other white and even black magic;
– Laconical naming for classes, methods;
– Well-organized structure;
– Know how to write testable code / dependency injection / phpunit tests;
– We use Trello for organizing tasks, you’ll like it;

Preferred skills that could be a big plus:

– Python
– Redis
– Memcached
– Gearman
– Node.js
– nginx
– Percona and XtraDB
– Amazon Web Services
– Web Crawling / Screen Scraping
– Highload and bigdata

If you don’t know most of them, you’ll have a remarkable opportunity to deal with them and learn new interesting things during work in our startup.

A link to your Github profile is required and Yii or other framework code sample you wrote before (full class).
Please provide when applying else your application will be ignored.

If you provide a portfolio, don’t just provide URL’s, but specify what you did, what problems you dealt with and how you solved them.

To apply, send an e-mail with all the required details (CV, Portfolio and answer to the question “Why are you the best at this job?”) to razvan [at] monitorbacklinks [dot] com


[Looking to hire] Senior PHP Developer at Monitor Backlinks in Iasi, Romania

PHPIf you are tired of working on an agency or as a freelancer and doing tens or hundreds of websites, not focusing on quality because of projects budgets and because you have to move to on to the next project, I invite you to come work on Monitor Backlinks!

Monitor Backlinks is an SEO tool for SEO developers. It helps them monitor their link building efforts and keep the user focused on building more links, without having to worry if their links get removed or broken. It also helps them organize the backlinks better and see what are the most important backlinks.

We spend enough time on each task until it’s pixel-perfect, perfect user flow, perfect user experience, perfect stability, perfect scalability! Quality, not quantity.

If you truly think that you can take Monitor Backlinks to a new level and dedicate yourself to create a remarkable international project and to take credit for it, Apply to this job!

Monitor Backlinks, launched in November 2011, is still in the Start Up phase, so you will have to work hard with us so we can move forward and move fast!

Have you got the skills needed for this?

  • PHP/MySQL (a lot!)
  • HTML/CSS (why not HTML5/CSS3?)
  • Javascript+jQuery (quite important for a modern website)
  • WordPress + Plugins (should be nice)
  • Anything extra that can help us! (just show it in the CV)
  • Initiative! (you see a bug, have a great suggestion? DO IT!)

Your responsibility:

  • Improve our crawlers
  • Implement new features on the existing code
  • Develop new adjacent projects
  • Keep up with new technology
  • Suggest best solutions

Answer this questions when you apply:

  • What do you like doing the most?
  • What do you like working on or with the most?
  • Why do you think you are perfect for this job?
  • What is your desired salary?

Send your resume and links to recent projects to contact [at] monitorbacklinks [dot] com

This job is for Iasi, Romania.

(If you have really good geek friends that might be interested, send them the link to this article: http://goo.gl/6tIRu ).