I have money, help me spend them!

tshirt monitor backlinks tableYou feel like you have the potential to do greatness if given the chance? 🙂

This is a letter to you, our next collaborator.

Are you specialized in one of these fields: IT (PHP, MySQL, Java Script, HTML, CSS), SEO/Adwords, Marketing, Public relation, Web Design, Copy-writing and looking for new opportunities?

We give you the chance to show: Initiative and Skill and earn a fair amount of money for useful proposals of improvement for monitorbacklinks.com.

We are rewarding any suggestion you might have, and we’ll pay you to implement it, for:

  • developing new useful features of the product;
  • successfully promoting/selling it to different target audiences;
  • developing and implementing communication campaigns;
  • improving user’s experience by making the design more user friendly, or by communicating  etter the qualities of our product.

If you feel, just by looking at monitorbacklinks.com, that we need you to make it better, you might be right, so…contact us. J Find from the above list what you could excel in, and join our team of employees or collaborators.

Be sure you do your research thoroughly, get to know our product first, understand what it stands for, ask us if there is something you need to clarify, and only then come to us with your ideas.

Razvan Girmacea
CEO Monitor Backlinks Ltd.
razvan [at] monitorbacklinks.com