Future features for Fav20

After a great feedback on fav20 from wizard.ro I thought I will write down his suggestions and some of mine:

  • open all marked – user can mark saved websites in fav20 and will have a button to open all marked items;
  • shortcut keys – access first 10 sites using shortcut keys like CLTR+1,CTRL+2;
  • sorting – see sorting websites with fav20;
  • user accounts – user will be able to register and save all his sites on our site, accounts will be made private to keep privacy of user;
  • unlimited websites – currently cookies support about 40 websites, registering you will be able to add unlimited websites;
  • tabs – move stored websites to diffrent tabs;
  • social sharingI am still thinking about it …

To keep the interface simple for the visitors that just want to use it fast, no registration, most of this features will be available after user registers.

If you have any other suggestion I will consider them, thanks.