Review bookmark services

I asked a lot of people what bookmark services are they using. Most of them are:

All of them have pluses and minuses.

FireFox SpeedDial Plugin
highly customizable, -browser dependable, -requires instalation

limited(9 sites), -browser dependable, -requires instalation


no install and no registration required

Everybody can use any of the bookmark services above, most tech people will use FireFox plugin, but avarage user can find fav20 very simple to use and may love it, specialy now that he can move all his local saved pages to his account to access from any computer.

What bookmark service do you use and why ? 

Fav20 users ready!

You can not now register on fav20 and save your websites anywhere.

To login fast just enter the following url:[your_user]

If you already used fav20, you can click the on the top right to copy all saved websites from cookies to your account. More features will be added soon. Report any bugs please.

Don’t forget you can test the users with , password: demo

Fav20 user accounts!

I know a lot of you are waiting for the account feature, where you can have your favorite websites anywhere.

I have made a test account:
Password: demo

Note that anyone can add/delete anything they want there to test. Feedback here (comment) is appreciated.
I will work this days on the code, so if problems while you test come back in few minutes and test again.

Bonus features that accounts will have in the near future:

  • Copy local saved websites to the account (websites will be saved on server);
  • Unlimited number of websites (currently cookies are limited to 4k size ~ 40 websites).
  • Clear interface (remove unnecessary explaining text and icons)

Other futures that will come:

  • Categories/tabs (organize your websites in tabs)
  • Open all marked websites (mark some websites that you want to open in one click)
  • Some kind of socializing/interaction between users (still thinking of it)

Tweaks on Fav20

I just added some small tweaks to fav20 that will make user experience better.

  • Google search box – to fast search on Google, because some people prefer to use Google as homepage. It is time to have Google and all your other favorite websites on one homepage: fav20
  • Add another website – will give a better understanding to user that he can add other websites