Page Experience – SEO ranking signal starting May 2021.

#seo #google Starting May 2021, Google will include Page Experience ranking signals in the ranking algorithm.

Optimizing is not an easy task, even for simple WordPress sites with a few plugins. I spent quite a lot of time to achieve good score on a few websites.

Suggested tools: (or the Chrome Dev version is even better) – most of the recommendations are easy to implement and will get you a decent score. Do the easy ones first.

Eliminate render-blocking resources is the most significant one, but can be hard without a plugin.

Keep an eye on Google Search Console, it will alert you on slow pages.

To explain it easy, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) will be the biggest element (in size: width-height) in the viewing part of your page (can be an IMAGE, can be a big paragraph of text). Try to load that element fast.