Romania Design Awards: Ronewmedia 4.0

In October 2009, rowebdesign-mediaRomanian design web projects are checked and awarded at the ronewmedia 4.0 conference.

There are foreign speakers invited (even from Google) that will talk about Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Affiliate Marketing.

I added my Usemyfav project to the list. You can view it, comment here or go vote it! (first one in the list).

Use a f*cking bookmark service

usemyfav-comming-soonI will launch soon a bookmark review site usemyfav. The slogan is “Use a f*cking bookmark service” because I saw a lot of people (I think more then 50%) are still using Google to find a site that he already has been there.

Until then you can visit the site to get some wonderful backgrounds for your desktop or iPhone and subscribe so I can let you know when the site is launched.